Cycle Wickham

Wickham Market is a hub for cycle routes that stretch across the stunning Suffolk countryside. Once, centuries ago, Wickham Market was the only place to safely cross the Rever Deben when traveling to the castle at Framlingham.


Wickham Market provided respite, accommodation and hospitality for suppliers of goods transported by horse and cart and for mounted Knights traveling through the village.


Things have moved on a little, the same routes once travelled by supporters of Henry VIII were saved from high traffic flow when the A12 was built taking the bulk of the traffic away from the village.


These days Wickham Market is on the route of many cycle routes, not to pass over the River Deben but to cross the A12 safely opening up the Suffolk Coast for cyclists.


With two cafes, a handy bus shelter, public toilets a number of shops that open early to late Monday to Sunday make the village an ideal meeting point or resting place. 


Wickham Market has a sportive once a year raising funds for local causes.

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Less Pace More Space

Less Pace, More Space is Cycle Wickhams campaign to encourage drivers to slow down before overtaking cyclists and remind drivers to give cyclists more space when overtaking.